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Small Business Service

Small Business Online Marketing Service offered by the Search Clinic. Small business online marketing service

Search engine marketing is a science. It is based on repeatable analysis and processes which can be applied to virtually any product or service- no matter how big or small your business.

We are helping international “blue chip” FT 350 companies, but I decided to develop a process for smaller local businesses as well. So I have created a new service:

Search Clinic’s Professional Small Business Online Marketing Service.

Getting your website to the top of the search engines requires considerable detailed planning and research.

Firstly, the Search Clinic will create a Small Business Search Engine Report to understand exactly where your potential relevent high traffic customers may be looking for you and also research where your website is currently comparatively positioned on the search engines.

Identify high traffic keyword search phrases- selecting the right keyword phrases and words is critical- despite using the technology people are buying from people.

We will review your website and recommend the best keyword terms which will bring you the most relevant traffic to your website.

Analyse your website- how your website has been designed determines how easily the search engines- and your potential customers can find and search through it.

Using our best professional practice guidelines we will analyse your website and recommend the critical changes needed to maximise your future profits.

Search engine optimising your website (SEO)- the suggested changes required to your website code will be itemised in your report so that either we can undertake this work for you or advise your existing website design team how to make the improvements.

Submissions- only then is your website ready for resubmission to the search engines and directories. We will ensure all the leading search engines and directories are included in your submission process.

Monitor your development- regular monitoring of your website will be carried out. Dr Search will also send regular reports which will show your website’s improved new search engines ranking positions.

Social media marketing- promoting your website to search engines is no longer enough. Some websites are getting up to 15% of their sales traffic through Facebook, 10% from Twitter and another 10% from YouTube.

Which means that if you focus and engage with social media on a regular basis you can increase your potential sales by a third.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)- for time critical results Dr Search can develop a Pay Per Click campaign for you. This will deliver instant visibility and traffic for your business.

Please note- but this should only be undertaken AFTER your search engine optimisation improvements have been made to your website.

The reason for the delay to any PPC campaign is that you will be donating your money to the bubbly at Google’s shareholders AGM as a key PPC ranking component is the optimisation of the website page you are trying to promote.

The difference this makes can be quite considerable- “Simon revamped my online marketing and cut my Google Adwords ppc budget by 93% and yet I still get the same amount of traffic. Thanks!” James Brown.

You can test the Search Clinic’s abilities by pasting some of these keywords into search engines like Google, Bing and/ or Yahoo and see for yourself the results. And these are only a few of our recent successes.

andy turvey
business performance maximized
colourful jewellery
exposure music awards
glos profs
gloucestershire electrician
hair styles colour
health direct
inspired life solutions
motivation magic
search clinic
smart beauty
wise money

Please contact us NOW and you’ll find out which search engines are listing your website, if it needs search engine optimisation and how we can get you to the top of the search engines.

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