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Search Clinic- your prescription to cure your online marketing ailments Online marketing UKThe Search Clinic can help you. We’re a group of online marketing professionals who are helping people like yourself by providing support and counselling through regular contact designed to help you cope with your problems.

A century ago Lord Leverhulme the founder of Unilever plc worked out that “Half of my advertising budget is wasted.” Lord Leverhulme had it easy. We’ve helped one client cut his Google AdWords pay per click by 93% and still maintain his website traffic targets!

Our main services- Bronze, Silver, Gold and Services. And what do you get for your money? Well please see our Customer Testimonials.

BRONZE SERVICE for a One Off Turbo Boost- from £400.
We will scour the lastest traffic reports for your high value keywords. This will enable us to confirm what your potential customers want.

The Bronze service depends on your current situation including the number of services and pages you need improving but fees start from £400. In return you can expect higher rankings for your high traffic target keywords- which should lead to higher sales.

When we’ve worked out where we need to go, we’ll analyse your website and make recommendations for it’s development. We can effect the changes directly onto your web server, that would be your quickest and most cost effective method.

SILVER SERVICE for Boost and ongoing marketing from £570
If you may be needing fast sales growth methods for your business we also recommend incorporating a daily news blog. We’ll set this up for you. Total cost to your company for this one off service will be £570 plus onsite training on your pc so that you/ your staff can make your own postings. Fees depend on travelling distance.

In terms of Return On Investment, our clients are achieving high numbers of keyword leads from their websites and are generating increasingly positive returns. If you follow this approach and couple it with the monthly digital marketing process outlined below it will also compare very cost effectively with pay per click returns.

GOLD SERVICE for a new site- from £1475
In many cases clients find themselves in a competitive marketplace where merely improving the optimisation of a website is not enough to bring in traffic and sales.

In many cases we create specialist additional keyword websites to attract the traffic- which draws potential customers into your main website.

We host and set up a dozen page seo website focused on your high traffic keywords which will be based on your existing website for content but which will incorporate the latest in Web 2.0 technology that will achieve high rankings and lead hot prospects through to your main website.

Once approved by you we will add links to your website on various websites and submit the site to the leading engines and directories. Total fees for this one off service will be £1475. Should you wish to run several seo satellite websites discounts will apply.

In addition we can also help you with ongoing and immediate sales results:

MONTHLY SERVICE ongoing online marketing- from £150.
Ongoing monthly digital marketing. Unlike a printed brochure your website is never finished. Although our SEO services will make a big difference to your potential free results ranking, you may not achieve your website’s potential unless you constantly update your digital reputation.

Monthly, we will make minor changes to your website which may include creating extra pages and resubmit these changes to leading websites, which also look at how many third party websites link to the target website. We will also add links to you on our exclusive ranked websites- which are not link farms.

Total Cost to your company for this monthly service will be £150. Our clients find this service particularly valuable to their businesses.

We investigate not only your potential traffic but also which ppc platforms will be the most cost effective for you. In many cases businesses start off with Google- but there are many other ppc websites which will bring in to you cheaper hot sales leads with better conversion rates.

Fees depend on the number of services and products which you offer and as well as the level of online competition. We suggest an initial budget of £500 to £1000 to set up and run a test campaign.

This should ONLY be done after you have a SE friendly website to maximise your return on investment.

Please contact us NOW!

“Simon cut my Google Adwords ppc budget by 93% and I still get the same amount of traffic!” J Brown.

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