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Mobile phone charges dropped in eu

July 02, 2012 By: Dr Search Principal Consultant at the Search Clinic Category: Apple, BlackBerry, mobile phones, Samsung, smart phones, Tablets, Technology Companies, Uncategorized

New eu mobile phone call and data charges start this month.Mobile phone charges dropped in euThe new charges rule will prevent “bill shocks” when using mobile data in Europe have come into force.

Data will now no longer cost more than 56p (70 cents) per megabyte – which is far less than previous rates.

In addition call charges will be capped at 23p (29c) per minute, plus VAT, under the new rules.

The EU said the regulations were aimed at stopping people building up huge bills after making calls and using data applications, such as maps, while away.

However,  there is no such cap for those travelling outside Europe and networks may not alert users if they clock up huge bills.

From 2014, consumers will also be able to choose a different operator abroad in the EU from the one they use at home, under the EU rules.

It is hoped this “split network” approach will encourage greater competition- and hence price reductions.

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