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How to use LinkedIn for your business

November 01, 2011 By: Dr Search Principal Consultant at the Search Clinic Category: bing, Customer Service, Dr Search, Google, internet, LinkedIn, Links Building, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, search engines, Social Media, Social Networking, Technology Companies, Uncategorized, Yahoo

LinkedIn now has over 120 million users worldwide, including six million in the UK. How to use LinkedIn for your businessTwo new members join every second and there are nearly one million groups on the site.

It is now the mainstream tool for professionals to network online – and that is why it can’t be ignored as a marketing tool.

An increasing number of businesses are promoting their brands through staff profiles and presence on LinkedIn.

However, making the most of the social media website is a science- as with all social media websites information and security are key issues.

Here are some hot tips on how you can market your business successfully through Linkedin:

  • Tell a compelling and authentic story about who you are, how you got to where you are, what you do and why you enjoy it. It is critical that a profile is “personally professional”. Individual profiles that only talk about the company or brand are a big turn off. Encourage your staff to take the same approach.
  • Join relevant discussion groups and get involved in them. This can be interesting and rewarding and helps to raise your company’s profile.
  • Make sure that your profile and all employees’ profiles link directly to your company page. An individual’s profile should also include information about your company, its products and offerings.
  • Ensure you have a comprehensive company page including detailed pages on all products and services.
  • Ask for and publish recommendations from satisfied customers for your products and services section on your company page.
  • Ensure staff have profiles that are 100 per cent complete. LinkedIn is not like Facebook – individuals are representing a company or brand in a professional capacity on LinkedIn. The more visible your staff are on this network, the greater the visibility of your brand. But this only works if your employees are actively using their LinkedIn account.
  • Encourage employees to use blogs, PowerPoint presentations and videos promoting your brand in their profiles and help them with the material.
  • Provide guidelines on how to effectively communicate, reminding staff that their activities are representing the company- and can be read my literally millions of people- including your competitors.
  • Provide all staff with copy to use to describe your company within their profiles. This ensures a consistent approach and helps avoid disclosing commercially sensitive information to competitors.
  • Start your own group to build a community where you can indirectly promote your brand.
  • Remember that search engine optimisation is important for every article, profle and group. LinkedIn allows open profiles which means that the search negine will alos pick up on your activities.

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