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IBM- PCs going the way of the typewriter and dodo

August 17, 2011 By: Dr Search Principal Consultant at the Search Clinic Category: Blogs, Customer Service, Ecommerce, internet, Tablets, Technology Companies, Uncategorized

Last week was the 30th anniversary of IBM’s development of the PC- and according to one of the IBM designers who worked on the first model it’s end is neigh.IBM- PCs going the way of the typewriter and dodoThe days of the personal computer are numbered, a leading IBM designer has claimed. Dr Mark Dean, who worked on the original IBM PC, the 5150, wrote in a blog post commemorating its 30th anniversary:

I, personally, have moved beyond the PC as well. My primary computer now is a tablet. When I helped design the PC, I didn’t think I’d live long enough to witness its decline. But, while PCs will continue to be much-used devices, they’re no longer at the leading edge of computing. They’re going the way of the vacuum tube, typewriter, vinyl records, CRT and incandescent light bulbs.

It’s amazing to me to think that August 12 marks the 30th anniversary of the IBM Personal Computer.

Dr Dean argued that PCs had created the environment for a new generation of devices, ranging across different form factors and uses.

This led, he claimed, to an environement in which technology allowed new ideas to flourish, without individual items being a barrier to creativity.

He wrote that “PCs are being replaced at the center of computing not by another type of device—though there’s plenty of excitement about smart phones and tablets—but by new ideas about the role that computing can play in progress. These days, it’s becoming clear that innovation flourishes best not on devices but in the social spaces between them, where people and ideas meet and interact.

It is there that computing can have the most powerful impact on economy, society and people’s lives.”

“While PCs will continue to be much-used devices, they’re no longer at the leading edge of computing,” he said.

IBM launched the 5150 on 12 August 1981, and it quickly established the look and feel of PCs in general. Dr Dean owns a third of the patents for it, and claimed he did not expect to outlive the idea. Now, however, he says that even his own main device is a tablet computer.

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